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I look down at you naked and asleep laying there on my bed and you remind me of an angel. Your so beautiful and peacful I wish I could give you that peace at all times.
Then something Inside me awakens as I watch your cheast heaving up and down and I notice your nipples are erect and protruding.
I close my eyes and start to picture you In ways I should feel ashamed for.. tied down and unable to move your entire being at my command.
I feel myself growing at the thought of taking what I want from you, at that moment I know you'll be mine and I will take from you what I desire most.
Slowly I reach down and run my fingernails over your breast watching your nipples grow even harder and hearing your breathing quicken.
Your eyes are still closed and I know you haven't fully woken up yet so without warning I bend down and sink my teeth into your breast and I hear you scream with pleasure which only makes me bite harder knowing I'll leave my marks upon your body.
You move your hands down to pull my head away from your now aching breast but, I only grab you by the hair and pull telling you to put your hands back down or you'll be punished, without saying a word you lower your hands to your side and just look at me.
I tell you your a good little girl as I rub over your breast where my teeth marks now rest.I hear a small sigh slip from your lips and I take that as a cue to grab you hard and kiss you biting down on your lip so you will fight me. All It takes Is one look and you calm down and stop resisting knowing It will only make me work harder to control you.
I push you down hard laying you on back as I take a moment to admire my teeth and claw marks all over your beautiful breast.
I want you to be mine and mine only and I will have It.
I lean down close to your ear and whisper "Im going to take what I desire and you will not stop me do you understand" no words escape your lips you simpley look me In the eyes and nod your head.
I tell you "thats my good girl" as I bend down to lick your neck smelling the scent of your body makes me want to taste you again so I sink my teeth Into the back of your neck while im pulling your hair to one side so you can't contest. You taste so sweet I know then I must taste more so I command you to lay down on your tummy and stay very still or I will punish you and I know you dont want that. So without a word you turn over and lay down as I take your hands and tie them up over your head so that you can't move without hurting your arms.
I slowly drag a razor right below your shoulder blades as I watch small dots of blood coming to the surface and all I can do to keep myself from fucking you right there is lean down and slowly lick the blood from your back and stopping every now and then to watch the drops move down your shoulders to the sheets below.I take my finger and rub It through the blood trailing It down your back to your sexy ass watching you twich underneath me waiting to find out what Im about to do.
As I move more and more blood down to your ass I start to encircle your tight asshole with my finger watching the red liquid swirling around then I slip my finger further down dipping into that sweet pussy getting my fingers wet so I can watch your blood and juice mix together as I gently push my way Into your ass wanting to hear you bed me to stop.
You know what I truly want so you move your body starting to protest and asking me to please stop but, all too knowingly you know Im just going to get harder and rougher as I start slamming Into your ass hearing your moans making me move harder and faster.
I remove my finger from your ass only to replace It with my tounge licking and suckling the blood of biteing your ass hard wanting to hear you scream.
You don't though and I know your holding back, your not ready for me to completely release my beast but hoenstly I dont care I sit up pulling your hair hard turning your face towards me so I can look into your eyes.
I look you straight In the eyes and say "Im about to ravage your body takeing everything I want and need from you and I dont care If you say no because you know that will only fuel my rage and cause me to take you harder.
You simply look at me and say yes master and with that I grab you by the hips and drag you back before lifting your ass In the air and slamming my cock into your pussy.
You scream out and that causes me to bite down hard on your neck holding you In place so you can't move or else I'll bite even harder and you know It.
So instead you start bucking back and forth pulling my cock deeper inside you so I lean over close to your ear and tell you your my little slut and I
know you like what Im doing.
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