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We Need Models!

Hi Guys! Http://www.fetishglamgirls.com is still looking for models, we are dedicated to show artful fetish. Stimulate imagination and show the beauty in alternative lifestyles. We are looking for Alterna-models both male and female. Behind the cut tag is a sample of some of our models. We are very liberal in what you can do, we do have a necro set, we have lots of fun things. We also encourage everyone who is an artist to promote themselves on the site. You also get automatically represented by a PR company that will keep their eye open for casting calls and will put together resume's and what not if that is something you are interested in. As well as, if you have a band we offer advertising space for your band in trade. We are a community that believes very strongly in taking care of eachother. The site itself is a huge community. You cannot see much because it doesn't open up until September and there are only a few pictures, but I will give you a few more. So if you are goth, punk, psychobilly whatever! If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Fetish Glamour then Talk to me! We're getting over 2,000 hits a day on the site and we don't launch until september! it looks like the site is going to do quite well. Email me at Nexi@fetishglamgirls.com and we can talk more about what exactly it means to be an FGG!!

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